July 28-29, 2020 - South San Francisco Conference Center (July 28: 11 am to 5 pm, July 29: 11 am to 4 pm)

Bulk Wine, Bulk Spirits, Contract Bottling, Contract Winemaking and Private Label from all over the world will be exhibiting in San Francisco at IBWSS. More than 80 Exhibitors will be in attendance at the inaugural The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show. Get your visitor pass today and meet the world.

The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) is an annual trade show and conference, open to trade professionals only, which takes place in San Francisco, CA. IBWSS visitors are buyers looking to meet up their demand for bulk wines, bulk spirits, private label programs, grape buying or contract manufacturing.

IBWSS San Francisco will give supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, wineries, distilleries, and other buyers a premier international platform to source bulk wine and spirits and meet private label suppliers.

IBWSS exhibitors are wineries and distilleries looking to sell bulk wine and spirits, producers and negociants who offer contract manufacturing / private label programs and wineries/distilleries/importers who have one-time excess stock to clear. IBWSS buyers are other wineries and distilleries looking to meet their demand, Importers, Retailers, and Distributors looking for private label programs and negociants who are looking to meet growers and producers.

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